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Size: 9" x 12"

iPad Drawing printed on Somerset Paper



Two 20 minute train rides used to get me to my studio in Long Island City each day. After years of engaging in various activities during my commute - reading, writing, emailing, planning - I decided to use my commute time to draw.  And so, for many years I drew on an iPad using my finger to capture glimpses of my fellow riders. I spend 3 to 15 minutes per drawing, catching a gesture as people read, text, talk, sleep, stand on the train, sit in a waiting room, stand on a station platform.    The drawings offer meditative moments, sometimes the body language revealing the weight of the day on the trip home.  What started as an exercise became much more.  My workday started as I got on the train and an hour later when I got to my studio, I was energized and excited by what had been captured.  

Track Time 22

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