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Size: 44 x 41 x 20"




Women in all their complexity- floating, dreaming, holding on, wanting, needing, falling- revealing both their strength and vulnerability in an increasingly complex world. My wire sculptures reference the female form and function as drawings as well. Wire magically becomes lines in space, changing in character and becoming messages from within. The wire functions to create a tension- as in the expression “wired”- while also conveying both strength and fragility. The sculptures are delicate and have words embedding in their “skin”. These words give the viewer the sense of eavesdropping on someone’s secret obsessive thoughts. My work brings up issues of aging, loss, displacement, isolation, insecurity and the desire for connection and love.


My wire sculptures started out filled with shredded paper.  I had a studio in an under-used elementary school and would pass by bags of shredded paper to be disposed of as I walked through the halls to our "artist wing".  The paper eventually made it into my studio - creating torsos of wire, shredded paper, and plastic bags covered with wax.  I decided to bring matches to the studio one day to gently "sear" the machine edge of the plastic holding the paper- filled torso together. Once I got the ensuing fire extinguished and caught my breath at how lucky I was not to have set the building on fire or have the fire discovered, I started removing the shredded paper and plastic, leaving hollowed out wire figures.  A lucky accident.


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