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Size: 72 x 48 x 32"




Two life-sized wire chairs and a footstool suspended from the ceiling hanging ghostlike off the floor. The chairs and footstool are made of words - "see me, hear me, touch me, comfort me, need me, desire me, hold me..."

The idea for "Assisted Living" came from two things coming together. My in-laws had both passed away, leaving a club chair and ladies dressing room chair that were well loved and well used. At the time, my daughter was working as an orderly in a hospital and living at home.  One night she came home and told a story of helping a very elderly man off of a commode.  As he was in her arms, he started to cry.  She asked what was wrong and he said "It's been so long since someone has held me."  Having seen the isolation that the elderly can suffer from loss of hearing, health, death of friends and family, I decided to strip the chairs down, and create chairs of words that capture this isolation and need for contact.  Hanging them off the floor adds to the sense of loss.

Assisted Living

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